Placenta Encapsulation

More and more women are choosing to encapsulate and consume their placentas aftre birth for cultural, spiritual, health, and/or emotional wellness reasons.

We support your decision and are committed to providing you high-quality placenta encapsulation services. Restoring Balance is committed to supporting and empowering childbearing women to achieve optimal health after delivery. Becoming pregnant and delivering a child creates substantial changes in your body. Ingesting placenta capsules helps restore and nourish your blood, bringing balance to your hormones during this time of extreme fluctuation.

For more information below or contact:
or call 919-699-4166 

Some of the amazing and powerful benefits of placenta medicine:
  • prevention or reducing postpartum depression “baby blues.”
  • replenish your iron stores from blood loss during birth.
  • prevent postpartum anemia.
  • stabilize your ever changing post birth hormones.
  • restore vitamins and energy used during birth.
  • reduce pain from labor and postpartum discomforts.
Some hormones and benefits we know to be in the placenta:
  • oxytocin the love or “feel good” hormone. Creates feelings of happiness and pain relief.
  • cortisone unlocks stores of energy and combats stress.
  • interferon stimulates the immune system to fight off infection.
  • prostaglandins reduces inflammation.
  • hemoglobin replenishes iron, stimulates iron production in the blood.
  • prolactin stimulates and promotes lactation.

Encapsulation Options

Placenta Capsules:

At Restoring Balance we choose to use The RAW method of encapsulating. This process skips the heating and herb process, making it a good choice for someone on a raw diet. The placenta is dehydrated on a very low setting, and then put into powder to be encapsulated. This method is thought to provide more immediate energy and gives the most beneficial hormone stability.

If you prefer to do the Traditional Chinese method, please mark it on the google form.


Putting your placenta into tincture form will extend the life of your placenta.   A small piece of the placenta is put into an 4 oz bottle with high grade 100 proof alcohol and is left for six to eight weeks in a cool, dark place. This can be used during your latter menstruation to lessen bleeding and give you the energy you need. It can also be used in a time of trauma, transition, emotional distress and ease your symptoms of PMS.  The tincture can last years stored in a cool dark place and help ease you into menopause! We highly recommend a larger tincture if you are not planning on more children or would like to use your tincture after your childbearing years !
4oz – $25
8 oz- $35
16 oz- $50


Salves are made by infusing high-quality oils with placenta powder. Healing salves are 100% natural and are safe to use topically.  They can be used to heal incisions after a cesarian section when the wound is closed.  A salve can help lessen irritation, scarring and discomfort.  They can also be used for cracked nipples, postpartum hemorrhoids or perennial tearing (after stitches dissolve). Salves can be used on the baby for diaper rash, eczema, skin irritations and sunburns (test for skin allergies first).

Our basic salve recipe includes:

Organic coconut oil, beeswax, olive oil, comfrey oil, calendula oil, and placenta.  Lavender or non-scented options available. $35

Sitz Bath: 

Our sitz baths are made for healing after vaginal birth. 4/2oz muslin bags ready for steeping:
Ingredients include:  Epsom salt, Witch hazel, Yarrow, Calendula, Comfrey. $20


Prints are included in all packages and “Capsules only”.  However, we are NOT ARTISTS ! We do the best we can with what we have to work with (Some placenta prints do not come out perfect) We offer prints with all natural food dye or with out. Please know the dye will color your cord keepsake, otherwise you will not notice.
Examples are below. Please state your preference on order form.

Choose from our different packages

Healing Package – $270
(Includes capsules, 4 oz tincture and placenta print)


Herbal Package – $285
(Includes all of the above PLUS sitz bath)


Whole Package –  $300
(Includes all of the above PLUS  2 oz herbal salve)


Capsules only – $250
(Includes placenta print)

Twin placentas – $280 (capsules only – extras separate)

TCM add -$30

4 Oz Tincture -$25
8Oz Tincture- $35
16 Oz Tincture- $50
Salve – $35
Herbal Sitz Bath -$20

*****Cord keepsakes available upon request only***** 

*We do not do placenta smoothies at this time.

We service Chapel Hill, Durham, Wake Med Cary & Rex Hospital,Wake Med North,
Wake Med Raleigh
 – And Homebirth ! 

Ready to get started

There is a three step process for you to complete:

Step 1:
Important: Please read these  CLIENT INSTRUCTIONS  (Printable if desired)
This information is for you and your partner to become familiar with before we receive your placenta.

* If you are shipping your placenta, please read the instructions at the next tab *

Please inform your caregiver of your plans to encapsulate your placenta during the pregnancy and be sure to write this in your birth plan.  Once your baby is born, have a family member text or call Nicole 919-699-4166  between the hours of 7am-10pm. We will make arrangements to come pick up your placenta. Do not take your placenta home, unless discussed prior. Please note, we may not be able to pick up for several hours, please keep the placenta with you at all times.

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS– If you give birth in a hospital, you, the patient, are responsible for gathering your own placenta from your care provider and setting up a pick-up time and location with Nicole or another Restoring Balance Specialist. We will not be able to meet you on the postpartum floor. We will make a plan to meet outside the hospital.  Make sure to tell your caregiver to have ready a copy of your blood work available for us to view. We will need to see your HIV, Hep B and STD panel.

Emailing blood work ahead of time is recommended.
Please bring a cooler and label it with your name and phone number. The placenta should go straight into the labeled bag to avoid it being lost, contaminated or forgotten. The bag, or container, should be put right into a cooler with ice.

Under no circumstances can the placenta be contaminated with any chemical, either sanitizing or preserving. If the placenta has been contaminated, it cannot be used for consumption and will need to be discarded. Ensuring the placenta doesn’t go to pathology can prevent this from becoming an issue. If the placenta needs to go to pathology, ask your provider if they could send a sample instead of the entire placenta. This may not be an option, in which case we cannot encapsulate. If you develop Chorioamnionitis your placenta will be brought to pathology and will not be encapsulated. At this point we will not be handling the placenta for any reason including cord keepsake, prints or tincture.

Your payment will be returned (minus a $30 processing fee).

* The placenta should not sit out for more than 4 hours at room temperature.
* It is ideal to encapsulate the fresh, uncontaminated placenta within 48 hours after birth.
* If encapsulation within 48 hours is not possible, the placenta should sit in a sealed container in a 50-60 degree refrigerator for no more than 4-5 days. After 5 days, the placenta will need to be frozen.

Your encapsulated placenta will be returned to you within 72 hours.  We will make an arrangement based on where you deliver and where you live as to how the capsules are delivered. If you are within 30 miles of Chapel Hill, Restoring Balance will bring the capsules to your home. If you are outside the 30 mile radius, there will be a plan to meet someone half way for pick up.

Step 2:
Please fill out THIS FORM  and THIS WAIVER 
Once these forms and payment have been submitted, a spot will be held for you by your due date.

Step 3:
Payment must be sent at the time you complete the above online forms.

We do not collect a deposit, but ask for a payment to be made in-full when you return your paperwork. As stated above, If encapsulation does not take place, your money will be refunded minus a $30 processing fee.

After encapsulation, there will be no refunds.

​Once your paperwork and payment is received, you will get an email confirming the agreement. Please feel free to ask questions !
Once your capsules have been delivered, a Restoring balance team member will email within two weeks of delivery to check in and see how you are feeling and if you have questions about the capsules.

If you have questions before that, please feel free to call Nicole 919-699-4166 or email

Out of state shipments and delivery:

It’s never too early to sign up and get your kit. If you are already past your due date or have delivered, we have ways to accommodate you.  Once we receive your paperwork, we will mail you a placenta collection/shipment kit that will have everything you need to ship the placenta to us.

This will Include:

A cardboard box for mailing, a small cooler, a large Ziploc Bag, A WhirlPack Bag and two Ice packs.
Please bring the small cooler, Ziploc and WhirlPack to your birth.

Once delivered:

Tell the nurse you want to keep your placenta. You may have to sign a release form. Ask the nurse to place the placenta into the WhirlPack  and then into the Ziploc Bag and place  into the cooler with Ice (that they will give you at the hospital)  Keep the placenta on ice until you get home.

Once you are home:

Take your placenta out of the cooler, Put the placenta (in bags) into your freezer for a minimum of 24 hours. This will ensure your placenta stays cold and preserve the freshness

Shipping the placenta:

Take the placenta and Ice packs from the freezer and place into a small cooler. Put the cooler into the cardboard box. Tape it closed, Take to nearest UPS store and MAIL TO : Nicole Splenda 350 Old Durham Rd, Durham NC 27707.

Drop off your box at any UPS store on a MONDAY, TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY MORNING ONLY. This is the only way to ensure fast shipping through UPS. We will start the encapsulation as soon as we receive the placenta and ship it back within 24-36 hours.

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