Child Birthing Classes with Andrea

Are you…

• feeling overwhelmed by all the information (and conflicting advice)
about birth out there?
• wondering how you’ll cope with labor?
• interested in meaningful ways to prepare?

Take a class with us!

We offer a different approach to childbirth education. Our classes involve:
• information about labor, birth, lactation, and preparing for the postpartum period  (the things you’d normally expect out of a childbirth class)
a focus on building confidence + connection with yourself, your loved ones/partner, and your baby
• practical tools for coping with pain, intensity, and unexpected or challenging events during labor
• experiential activities that bridge the brain and body, going beyond what is offered in traditional and other specialty classes


Our Approach is rooted in the principles of Birthing From Within


• Childbirth is a profound rite of passage.
• Parents’ individual needs and differences determine class content.
•The purpose of childbirth preparation is to prepare birthing people to give birth in awareness, not to achieve a specific outcome.
• Pregnancy and birth outcome are influenced by a variety of factors, but can’t be controlled by planning.
• Parents deserve support for any birth option which might be right for them.
• Pain is sometimes a part of childbirth but much can be done to alleviate suffering.
• Pain-coping practices work best when integrated into daily life, rather than “dusted off” for labor.
• Partners help best as “birth guardians” or loving partners, not coaches. They also need support.
• Childbirth preparation is also parent preparation.

Offering Birthing Essentials and Birthing From Within classes:


Birthing Essentials:

This foundational class series supports birthing in any setting: at the hospital, home, or birthing center. We will explore birth and parenting through evidence-based information, dynamic dialogue, hands-on practice, and an intro to Birthing From Within processes.

Birthing From Within:

Looking for something practical AND meaningful to help you get ready for birth? Birthing from Within childbirth classes offer a unique blend of information, useful tools, and emotional preparation. Whether you are planning to birth at the birthing center, hospital, or home, together we cultivate the skills and resources you need to feel more confident and connected in birthing your baby; READY TO MOVE THROUGH ANYTHING THAT ARISES.



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More class information

More about - Birthing Essentials

This foundational class series supports birthing in any setting: at the hospital, home, or birthing center. We will explore birth and parenting through evidence-based information, dynamic dialogue, hands-on practice, and an intro to Birthing From Within processes.

Come build your knowledge, confidence, practical birthing skills, and strengthen your partnerships.

You deserve a great birthing class and you don’t have to do it alone.​

Do not allow lack of funds to keep you from attending!
Accessibility is a primary value of our classes. If you are motivated for robust, practical, independent birthing preparation,  and paying the current fee would create a hardship for you – alternate payment arrangements are available.
Inquire here:


Topics covered in Birthing Essentials

• Birth in our culture
• The innate process of labor and birth, and health-care + self-care practices that support it
• Changes during late pregnancy, warning signs, and the stages of labor
• A wide variety of proven coping strategies for managing pain and emotions during birth
• How best to support your birthing loved ones
• Sensations and intensity of birthing
• Movement, positioning, and breathing during labor and birth for comfort, relief, and progress
• Hands-On Practice
• Common medical interventions and their indications, risks, and benefits
• Birthing with an epidural or other pain medications as a planned or unexpected part of birth
• Ways to communicate with your health-care provider
• Tools for developing a practical plan for birth and after birth
• The First Hours – Welcoming Your baby, first feeding
• Healing After Birth
• Changing emotions, moods, and roles


More about - Birthing From Within

Each class series or immersion goes beyond traditional class formats, exploring birth & parenting through dynamic dialogue, interesting learning activities, and our proven pain-coping and calming practices.

These practices harness breathing, mindfulness, and simple movements to ease your discomforts,
help make space for your baby to move into a great position, and actually practice for birthing.

Also available soon are special sessions for partners and postpartum planning +  healing.

Most families who choose our prenatal classes are wanting more than just information; seeking to prepare in heart, body and mind for birth and parenthood.

This is a holistic class series for ​anyone desiring
More Birth Skills, Focus on strengthening your partnerships, and Creating Resourcefulness to meet anything on your path.

We will explore information and deeper practices
tailored specifically to support you through
the many challenges and joys that arise in birth and parenting.

Birthing From Within is a great fit for thinking parents
who want robust birth preparation that includes practice!

It can be especially helpful if you:
* Are very busy and want to have dedicated, supported time for preparation
* Love to move beyond conventional ideas
* Value structure and certainty
* Are feeling completely confident and excited about birthing
* Are experiencing anxiety or fear about birthing
* Are planning a home birth or birthing center birth
* Are planning a natural birth in any setting
* Are planning a medicated vaginal birth or cesarean birth
* Enjoy learning new things


About the Facilitator

All Classes are facilitated by Andrea Denali, our residential childbirth educator, birth and postpartum doula, and lactation counselor. She has an engaging teaching style, calming presence, and over 18 years has assisted many hundreds of families in this amazing time of preparing, birthing, infant feeding, and parenting. She has also given birth to two babies herself.

Her depth and breadth of experiences and training make her classes dynamic, practical, and fun.

Class Format Options
Foundational Classes + Hands-On Practice

Available in two formats:

5 Evening
Live on Zoom


A Weekend Retreat

In-Person at our Hillsborough Classroom

Starting at $300
Each registration includes a spot for the pregnant person
AND primary support person(s) or partner(s)
​of their choosing

Do not allow lack of funds to keep you from attending!
Accessibility is a primary value of our classes. ​If you are motivated for robust, practical, ​independent birthing preparation, and paying the current fee would create a hardship for you – alternate payment arrangements are available.
Inquire at:


Evening Series on Zoom - details

Evening Series

over 5 consecutive Mondays OR Tuesdays

​Includes ~30 minutes/week of supplemental
video instruction ​to watch at home

Fall 2023
Tuesdays 6:30pm-9pm
October 3-30
(*last class on Monday October 30)


Weekend Retreat In Person - details

Weekend Retreat
• In-Person in Hillsborough •

Saturday 10am – 5pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm

• – •

August 19 + 20

October 21 + 22

​December 2 + 3


Includes supplemental video instruction ​to watch at home

Accessibility for In-Person Classes – Our classroom is located on the second floor up one flight of stairs.  No elevator available.



Contact Information

Questions or for more information contact Andrea at:

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    I have been receiving massages from Kathy for the past month. I reached out to her for postpartum care and I am so glad I found her. As an individual, she is gentle and kind and as a massage therapist, she is the best of the best. As a massage therapist, she is incredible. I have felt relief in pains that were even present before pregnancy. She nailed my sciatica pain and gave me so much relief that I hadn’t experienced in Months. I recommend her one hundred percent. You are in safe hands if you work with Kathy!

    Sugandh G

    My head ache and joint pain went away after our first energy medicine session! I’ve been doing the Daily Energy routine you taught me and have felt more grounded and balanced.


    Excellent environment to relax in. Kathy really takes the time to understand your needs. It’s a great place to look into if you want a whole body wellness experience.

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    I am a hypnotherapist and have received many sessions from other hypnotherapists over the years. Working with Mary was a deep and healing experience. She focused in on exactly the past events that I needed to understand and resolve to feel more comfortable and secure in my life. She guided me beautifully and I came out of the session truly transformed. My sleep is better and deeper and my daily experience is more comfortable. I highly recommend working with Mary if you are seeking to heal and transform something troubling you

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    I feel really good, balanced and happy after our energy medicine sessions!


    Cristina’s energy medicine treatment for the SI joint pain worked wonders. Made an 8 hour car ride with no problem. Would not have happened without her.

    RB client

    Cristina’s coaching shook me out of my most stuck place in just 3 weeks, AND she made it feel like is was mostly a chat over coffee! You deserve to break free of what holds you back. I literally thought I was doomed to more of the same stagnation it was so prevalent for so long until I experienced this shift. What if only 6 hours using this process, with Cristina doing half the work, could move you forward substantially?

    Liv K

    Kathy is very attentive and responsive. She tailors the treatment as she responds to feedback from the client. She also offers suggestions as to what I can do beyond the massage sessions to further my goals.

    RB client

    Kathy is kind and generous and her Thai yoga massage is transformational. I’ve had many massages in the past but none get the knots out like her Thai massage.

    Lauren B.